Stas Postersnap

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  • STAS – Paper rail – 2M Stas paper rail, anodised aluminium

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    STAS paperrail is an aluminium rail for hanging up loose papers. The rail contains glass marbles, which press against the paper, creating a handy clamping mechanism. You can slide drawings, announcements and photos into the rail with a single move and remove them again without any damage to the paper. Papers can also be placed on top of the rail. Ideal for use in classrooms, offices, restaurants and even at home above the kitchen table. The STAS paperrail is mounted directly onto the wall.

  • STAS – Postersnap – Stas Poster Snap

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    STAS poster snap The STAS poster snap is a more luxurious variant to the plastic poster strip, made from high-grade aluminium. This makes the system ideally suited for presenting canvases, fabrics and heavy posters without taking anything away from the style. The poster does not have to be inserted from the side: simply click the STAS poster snap open and shut at the top and the bottom.