Custom Framing

Custom Framing

Every item is custom designed from the ground up according to the exact appearance, texture, and cultural origin of the work. Hence every item completed by Hang-Ups is completely different; this is what we consider a high quality custom framing.

Hang Ups offer a service which we refer to as UTC “Us to Choose”. You can give us a broad outline of want you want and we do the rest. If you don’t like it we re-do it, at no extra charge (within reason) and the best thing is that it cost the same as a basic black frame, but the skies the limit. So if your time poor you can dump and run, we do the rest. For those that know us there’s also dump and run because we know what you like.

Conversation Framing

Conservation framing methods are the same process used in museums to preserve and protect work of great value. Whether you are framing costly, unique piece from an artist or something of less value but means the world to you, Hang-Up is trained in current conservation methods.

Framed Mirror

Framed mirrors add style and space to a room and can add light and openness, improving the décor within. Framed mirrors are manufactured in our workshop or readymade but all have a view to style, composition and value.

Display / Exhibition

At Hang Ups we can create the framing for an exhibition or a display, in design and quantity, with installation and art placement in as cost effective manner as possible.

Medal Framing

Keeping your precious medals in a box will not only hide them away, it can also contribute to their deterioration. The varieties of ways medal can be displayed are endless! Hang Ups can and will help with the design and suggestions of what to include with your medals, to create a piece which can be passed from generation to generation.

Cross Stitch / Tapestry

For your precious cross stitch or tapestry trust hang Ups to help with the right framing selection to best show the work that has gone into creating your work.

Tv Mirror

Transforming a TV into a stylish, custom framed mirror creates possibilities of mounting TV's on walls that would not normally be considered if it was just a TV such as above furniture or fireplaces as when the TV is off it is a stunning piece of wall décor.
Don't wants a TV to dominate a room well a TV Mirror will transform a bland TV screen into a stunning piece of wall décor, adding a another dimension of reflected light & feeling of space to a room

Memorabilia Framing

Some things are just to important to be tucked away. Memoribiilia, be it your favourite sports teams jersey, wedding boquet, Christening gown or a cricket ball are such items that should be on display. Our unique memorabilia framing is offered to help you savour and cherish some of the greatest moments in history at an affordable price.

Canvas Stretching

Your painting is professionally hand stretched over purpose milled stretcher frames in a variety of depths and can be enhance with addition of a silhouette frame to best display your work.

Other Framing Services

Advice and consultation, Prints & Printing service, Lamination & encapsulation, Computerised matboard cutting, Framing materials & equipment.
Hang Ups offers an in home art curation service to help you with art/picture placement, with different set of eyes we can change position of works to bring our clients new joy and appreciation for there works.
So if we can frame a mag wheel or a butterfly, it just takes a little imagination to transform something into a thing of beauty in its presentation.

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We provide a complete service in picture framing from basic styles through too extravagant custom frames,
with advice and guidance to make your selection easy.