Custom Framing

  • Conservation Framing
    Conservation framing methods are the same process used in museums to preserve and protect work of great value. Whether you are framing costly, unique piece from an artist or something of less value but mean the world to you, Hang-Up Australia is trained in current conservation methods.
  • Framed Mirrors
    Frame Mirrors add a unique style to your interior space and improve the décor within. All framed mirrors are manufactured and assembled in Hang-Up Australia, using years of experience, technique and care.
  • Display / Exhibition
    Collage frames or just a single frame are the best way to display photos of family members, or a special day in your life. At Hang-Up Australia we create high quality frames for any needs.
  • Medal Framing
    Keeping your precious medals in a box will not only hide them away, it can also contribute to their deterioration. The varieties of ways medal can be displayed are endless! Therefore Hang-Up Australia will help you to choose the right frame for your Medal display.
  • Cross-Stitch / Tapestry
    When choosing a frame, ensure that the frame compliment your design for example the frame is not too large that it distract from your work. Hence Hang-Up Australia will help you to meet all your needs.
  • Marks TV Mirror
    Transforming a TV into a stylish, custom framed mirror creates possibilities of mounting TV's on walls that would not normally be considered if it was just a TV such as above furniture or fireplaces as when the TV is off it is a stunning piece of wall decor.
  • Memorabilia Framing
    Some things are just too important to sit on the self. Memorabilia, sporting jumpers and the medals are such items that should be on display. Our unique memorabilia framing is offered to help you savour and cherish some of the greatest moments in history at an affordable price.
  • Canvas Stretching
    Your paint or painting is professionally hand stretched over a high quality timber moulding. Professionally Done and Ready to Hang.
  • Other Framing Services
    Advice and consultation
    Prints & Printing service
    Lamination & encapsulation
    Computerised matboard cutting
    Framing materials
    Volume / Bulk Framing