Picture Hanging Systems & Installation

Picture Hanging Systems & Installation

We are world leaders in the stocking and supply hanging systems, from simple picture hooks to museum and gallery security systems. We endeavour to have an online ordering system soon, as well as being able to provide that real face to face support.


Flexible picture & wall decoration hanging systems and presentation systems
Artiteq is a product specialist, offering solutions for all kinds of hanging issues. Hanging art and decorating your walls can be done in various ways. Artiteq is a specialist in hanging systems, we develop flexible hanging systems for pictures, signage and other wall decorations. Artiteq guarantees a safe yet also flexible way to hang pictures and wall decorations.
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STAS picture hanging systems - A picture rail for everybody!
Hanging a picture has never been easier! We offer a complete range of hanging systems which enable you to hang your pictures quickly and easily in every situation.
STAS’ picture rail can be mounted to all types of wall and ceiling. The possibilities are endless, our patented picture hanging systems can be used to hang pictures on plaster walls, drywall, brick walls, etcetera.

Gallery System

The Original Gallery System, manufacture-owned &operated in Australia for 35 years
The Gallery System is our original hanging system. Ideal for displaying numerous heavy pieces of art, the hanging system is a strong and versatile display system that adapts quickly to changing needs.
This can be coupled with the  Gallery Lighting System provides the perfect adjustable lit presentation for private home art displays or galleries who are wanting to create a point of interest on a wall. The only hanging system that can be retrofitted with the hanging system at a later stage. The Gallery System is the ideal system for Galleries and commercial space with its lead weight holding capacity.
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Artrack like all of our systems is any easy Do It Yourself and our most cost effective hanging system, for those wanting a light weight system, still with a 15kg per metre capacity

Traditional Rod

The traditional Rod System, known as J Rail, Le Boyer or Classic Rail has been around for hundreds of years. With a solid hanger it mitigates the need to climb on a step to add or take down a hanger, whilst offering the flexibility of modern systems.

Timber Picture Rail

Picture Rail mouldings are fixed horizontally and run high around the perimeter of a room. With a variety of picture rail hooks in different finishes, colours, styles and weight capacity. Add either steel or monofilament nylon hangers and your choice of hooks, allowing easy flexibility in positioning and hanging your artwork

Other Hanging Services

Yep, the old hammer and nails, yes we have these as well either for DIY or we can hang your artwork for you, couple with our curation serves as well. We can advise on position, composition and condition at the same time, with the added benefit of minor work done to your piece as it is hung.

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We provide a complete service in picture framing from basic styles through too extravagant custom frames,
with advice and guidance to make your selection easy.