Picture Hanging

  • Arti-teq
    ‘State Of the Art Hanging Systems’ include Click Rail, Click Rail Pro, Top Rail, Deco Rail and many more.
    These systems have been traditionally available for galleries and nuseums and are now available for use in any interior including the home.
    This hanging system allows movement of frames and other wall decorations without leaving behind unsightly holes in the wall.
  • Gallery System
    This versatile system uses tensioned stainless steel cables to support clear acrylic holders. Suitable to hold printed material or photos. Displays can be double sided.
    This system can also give sophisticated architectural look to the walls of your commercial and residential property.
  • Artrack
    Artrack is an easy Do It Yourself product, which provide you with unique picture hanging system that will make your home, office or gallery look appealing.
  • Traditional Rod
    Simple and effective way to optimal and flexible displays of all types of paintings, exhibition screens, posters etc. This is an ideal picture hanging system for displays that are changed frequently.
  • Timber Picture Rail
    A picture rail is a piece of specialised moulding that extends across a wall or around the periphery of a room, near the ceiling.
    The picture rail allows you to remove or reposition pictures without damaging the walls and adds an interesting architectural element to the room.
  • Other hanging services
    Advice and consultation
    Prints & Printing service
    Lamination & encapsulation
    Computerised matboard cutting
    Framing materials